Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | October 27, 2009

Hola a todos! Off tomorrow!

We’re feeling very excited today although Chloe is not on top form. We leave Heathrow tomorrow at 12.30 flying to Miami, then have 5 hour wait before our plane to Santa Cruz. We arrive Thursday at 8am! I think we are going to be very tired. Please pray that Chloe will sleep on the plane so that we can both get some rest. I’m quite excited about the film choice and food! It’s going to be soooo hot when we arrive which is hard to imagine at the mo! It’s around 30 degrees during the day! Next post will be from SC, Bolivia!!!!! Ciao for now! Roz



  1. Love the blog. Have a great time. Lots of love
    Rob and Rach

  2. Hi Rozbenclo! Am thinking of you today and wondering what it’s like in your aeroplanes. And what it’s like to fly into a hot climate! I see its 30+ degrees in the day and about 22+ in the night! Phhhhhhhh! Looking forward to hearing all about it here! By the way your friend Andre was in the news today regarding his biography…perhaps you heard… Love, Alibali xx ps I gather Santa Cruz is 4 hours behind the UK, is that right?

  3. Hello lovely Powells
    It is wednseday evening 19h45 UK time and you are well on your way now, in the air or in transit.
    Your blog is great and your devotion to God and touching others is an inspiration.
    I wish all three of you a safe and fulfilling journey and look forward to following your Bolivian experience via your blog.
    God bless, Debs

  4. Hope the flight went well. Thinking about you lots. Enjoy!

  5. Ben and Roz!!

    Going to miss you guys, see you in a few weeks. If you could bring back a couple of tĂ© de canela tea bags, i’d be grateful.

    One thing I think I forgot to mention in the text is that in Santz Cruz. I think there is a branch of “puerto madero” – it’s a restaurant and meant to be rather good. Failing that “bits and cream” is good for a rather large (man size) helping of ice-cream.

    Bless you all.


  6. Praying heaps for all 3 of you. Love you loads. Take good care of yourselves.
    Mwah! Love and hugs, Anna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hello Powells!! I love your blog, very cool!! Hope you are all well and safe,bet its well hot! Thinkign and praying for you all xx

  8. Hi Ben, Roz & Chloe,
    Just heard about your email to elders. They offer great advice. I would urge you to check out details particularly in relation to insurance & medievac etc.
    Don’t be rushed – check out other people’s contracts etc.
    If God’s in it (I’m sure He is) let His timing prevail

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