Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | October 24, 2009

Prayer points before our visit…

Hello everyone!

We are off to Santa Cruz in Bolivia on Wednesday (28th October) for two weeks. We are going to stay with the leaders of Fuente De Vida- the Church we are praying about joining. If you want to know how we got to this point, look at the ‘Our story so far’ page. While away we’ll go to the church, spend time seeing what the city is like, Ben will spend a day at the school he could possibly work for and we’ll both be praying and trying to hear God’s voice!

While we’re away we’ll try to post some more on this blog so you can keep up to date with what we’re doing. We’d really appreciate your prayers.

Please could you pray for us and our visit-

  • That we hear God’s voice guiding us- that He gives us a heart for Santa Cruz and the Church if we are to move there.
  • For faith and courage- part of us doesn’t want to leave Frontiers at all or move away from our family and friends. We are also tempted to be quite fearful of all the changes and things to be done.
  • For finances- we don’t know how much it will cost to visit or move if we do and we don’t know how much Ben is earning from Supply teaching yet. We do know God provides as He already has with gifts from people that have been so encouraging.
  • For Ben to be offered a job, and pray for his interview and lesson that he will teach.
  • For our role in the Church as a family- Ben, Roz and Chloe. We believe Chloe is key in being called to Bolivia.


  1. its lovely having lunch with you right at this moment! We look forward to hear your updates!

  2. This is such a good idea – will follow every moment! You are being prayed for daily, we love you all so much. May you learn lots and be encouraged in the Lord, whichever way it goes.

  3. A great way to keep in touch – we will certainly follow everything with great interest and prayer.

    We so admire your courage & willingness to go knowing that the Lord goes before and with you.

  4. Thinking of you so much today. I have forwarded your blog site to quite a few. Be assured, lots of prayer! Much love to all, Mum

  5. Great way to communicate – we will be following events very prayerfully for you all.

    We so admire your courage & faithfulness and know that the Lord has gone before you & will be with you, & trust Him to make all matters clear to & for you as a family.

  6. This is it! Great to have a blog to read! our prayers are very much with you as you fly tomorrow, enjoy your inflight films!!

    We will keep in touch while you are away and particularly pray you will hear God’s still, small voice. lots of willmott love

  7. We will certainly be following this with huge interest and many prayers. God bless you loads and give you real wisdom in discerning his plans for you all.

  8. It is 9.15pm here in Soton & I’m wondering what it is with you – maybe around 4pm! What a long day for you, but very exciting, and we are all looking forward to hearing the first snippets of news. Do hope travelling was uneventful and smooth with good films and plenty of sleep ! what about those first views of the Andes? Thinking of you so much, and lots of prayers and Chloe cuddles! lots of love Mum

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